Repealing The Fox Hunting Ban


In the last couple of days Theresa May has indicated via BBC News on a visit to Leeds this week, that she would overturn the Fox hunting ban !

As a party what is the response regarding this from Something New ?

I anticipate that this well could be posed as question leading up to the GE2017


Unless I am mistaken, there doesn’t seem to be anything in the Manifesto about it, nor about farming/rural life at all (which is a section I would expect to see it in)



There’s not even been a discussion! Fear not:


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Oh, yes, I forgot! I’ll fix that and check the rest at the same time.


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I mean, I’m against Fox Hunting, but I think it is a baiting political technique to make the left look like they care more about foxes than ‘Real Issues’.

I would say we do not support it, and go no further. There are a lot of shotgun owners up here who kill all sorts of animals, but, they are allowed. Guess I’ll go ask a Dear Stalker what he thinks.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Palestine, luckily the Manifesto is pretty well stocked in that area


Whilst I agree it is probably political baiting, there is a massive difference between just shooting animals and fox hunting.

The legislation doesn’t stop farmers from shooting pests (even foxes) just the actual organised hunt-with-dogs type thing.

Deer stalking is also different - that tends to be for either food, or population management.



You are quite correct that it is done for population management, and they do have pretty strict rules over who can do it and how they go about.

I would characterise Fox Hunting with Cock Fighting (Cruel, unneeded) and Dear Stalking, to something more akin to responsible Environment management and part of the farming infrastructure.

Sorry If I sounded a bit flippant about it.