#Resist meetups


Spotted several meetup.com e-mails today suggesting I join some local #Resist meetups. Turns out this is a global thing that Meetup.com themselves are pushing.

I joined the Birmingham one to see what’s what.


Interestingly, once you’ve joined, you can host a meetup - it’s a total free for all :slight_smile:

They also have a suggestion:

Schedule this one from Indivsible to get things going

Which has a suggested topic of “5 research steps we can take together” and then pre-filled details.

What I love is that we could potentially suggesting contributing to an open manifesto as a meetup suggestion.

I’ll see if I can reach out to Meetup.com about it.


I just sent this to Meetup (through a help form because I couldn’t find another way):

I love the #Resist groups - kudos to you for taking the time out to take this stance for freedom and liberty.

I’ve joined a group and I’m considering organising a first meetup. I saw the suggested meetup and thought that was a great idea. In my spare time I help with a project that’s trying to build an open source political manifesto. It’s currently UK-based but the basic idea could be used anywhere.

How can we work on a suggestion for #Resist groups to become open source politics pioneers too?


That sounds great - I saw those pop up as well. I’ll join the nearby ones and see what’s going on. Carry on talking to them, see how we can help :slight_smile: