Hello All, I Imagine that if we gain traction, then the system will need to scale well, in a very short amount of time.

I’m just wondering about how we make this useful, accessible and meaninful to new users.

Are we all happy with the block system? It may be important for some reasons, I can see from a user experience perspective it can be negative.

This is just research, but as an example,, we can see how coherent arguments for and against can naturally rise to the top.

It seems somewhat more elegant and scalable, I’m sure it has issues, but I think the idea has merit.

Any thoughts or comments?



The systems will definitely have to evolve over time - it has numerous times already, so we’re always looking to improve it. It certainly won’t work at a large scale.

One option with th blocks is that they are currently very heavily weighted, but they can be less. It could be reduced to -10, say, which means that 10 upvotes would beat out a block anyway. It’s definitely something to keep in mind. I agree it’s a scary thing…


BTW, perspectives from new users are essential for that stuff, so all feedback is greatly appreciated :slight_smile: