Should we run a "conference"?


It seems to me that there is a lot of interest in what we’re doing in certain circles, but we could do with giving people a place to engage that is just about Something New.

There are a bunch of things we could do at such an event, including running a policy hackathon, a volunteer induction, brainstorming ideas of how to get more active, as well as having a bunch of interesting people speak in a more traditional conference form.

Where should we start? Such an event should certainly be a way of galvanising people to get more deeply involved, not just a talking shop. Any ideas?

Oh, and it should definitely not be in London :slightly_smiling:


I like the idea, but I haven’t really thought much about it yet. If we’re looking for not London and somewhere that could attract an audience, perhaps Manchester would be the way to go? I know it’s quite a distance for you but it’s pretty central overall.


Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds - somewhere around there would be good.


I believe to grow we need to have conferences with some of the content filmed for a youtube channel and posted to the facebook page and maybe one of the websites so they get an idea of what we’re about for example someone to go around interviewing some of the volunteers who are happy to be interviewed. :slight_smile: Also since we are going to be far spread apart across the country at these events it may be an idea to have a person skilled in making leaflets and campaign materials give us examples of decent campaigning material if for example some members want to help the recruitment drive.


I definitely think we could grow through a series of local unconferences, or just local meetups. It’s a matter of finding areas with a sufficient density of interested people though.


Well, our first priority should be outreach via information, maybe find out when we’re all free and create some stalls with information packs about us in a variety of different areas. The best place for us to do this and get interest is through facebook. More people use it than use twitter and if we can post daily on behalf of the party page then we will grow support faster, first though we need leafleting, stalls and definitely more post on the “Something New.” Youtube channel maybe a video a week if possible. With the “Something New.” perspective on what is happening that week in politics and society as a whole. We need to allow ourselves to advertise significantly first, then push for the local meetings across different areas of the country. Maybe set up regional coordinators as it grows?


We might get more traction on events if we were to do something that wasn’t party-focused. Perhaps, for example, running Manifesto contribution days where we introduce folks to the manifesto and how to contribute.

We could do these in collaboration with other organisations for a ready-made base of interested people (e.g. Democracy Club).


How would this work in format? Would we be advertising it? :slight_smile: Also would we just be helping show people how to get involved whilst using our own manifesto as an example? :slight_smile:


That’s how I envisage it, yeah. It gets people engaged in politics and helps recruit volunteers to the manifesto.


I’m on board with a “conference”, though it needn’t have much structure in my opinion. Certainly not a priority to get speakers. The main point would be to meet up nationally.

I think speakers’ events should definitely be a YouTube thing, and not necessarily an in-person thing.


Agreed, I think we could start with an unconference, where we decide the structure on the day, though ofc we could present a few ideas up front to get the minds going :slight_smile:


Like this idea. From experience locally, small towns just don’t cut it in terms of density of interest. Important for it to feel significant (and attendees need to feel like they aren’t on their own or out on a limb when they walk in the door of the venue) so they want to keep coming back or doing more.


I think we should very much revisit this idea, we could combine it with an outreach day.