Signing the Contributor Licence Agreement


Whenever @OliverJackson1 or I try to sign the CLA, we get this message:

“We’re sorry, but something went wrong.”

After a bit of searching, I’ve come across this: - it is a bit old, but still an open issue, but doesn’t seem to have a solution.

Is there a manual way to sign the CLA? I know some projects keep them in their github and you can submit a PR.


@robinson.ran reported this last night as well, something is going a bit wrong it seems. I’ll check it out this evening (I need to fix the votebot as well which does the counting). Don’t worry about manually signing for now, I’ll ping back here when I’ve got it fixed.

No problem.

I found another thread which talked about running our own instance on a free Heroku instance. I haven’t quite worked out if they have got the signature import stuff working yet, but that might be an option?


Oh, interesting, that could work if it’s really broken. Nice one.

I also found another similar service while looking today, so if nothing works at all, that might help.

I think I’ve fixed this now - could you try again, please?

I have, and it is working!

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Yay! It was all to do with github third-party app permissions on the openpolitics organisation, which had actually caused a whole bunch of issues.