Something New clothing - who wants some?


I want a Something New hoodie and t-shirt, so I’m ordering some :slight_smile:

Who wants one, and what size? The cost is;

  • Hoodie: £33.59
  • T-shirt: £16.79


How big do they go? I would love some branded clothes


Here are the available sizes (in cm):


  • Small - Length: 70.5, Chest: 51.5
  • Medium - Length: 74.5, Chest: 54.5
  • Large - Length: 78, Chest: 57
  • XL - Length: 78, Chest: 59.5
  • XXL - Length: 81, Chest: 62
  • 3XL - Length: 83, Chest: 65


  • Small - Length: 68.5, Chest: 51.5
  • Medium - Length: 71, Chest: 55
  • Large - Length: 73.5, Chest: 58.5
  • XL - Length: 76, Chest: 62
  • XXL - Length: 78.5, Chest: 65.5


I will have a chat with the wife. I love the look it will help with walking around Bury St Edmunds


I should certainly get a new XXL tshirt, the other one has seen better days. While you do these, can the site you’re using set up a public shop at the same time?


Great idea! Doesn’t look like it (Shirtinator) but we can find one that does.


I found Teemill. They do everything - we choose our design and they just print on demand and ship them out, then send half the profit.

They have a handy tool for working out how much we could earn from using them. Some examples:

  • Hoodie: £35 = £2.50 profit
  • T-shirt: £17 - £3.50 profit

Obviously we could decide to charge more/less and earn more/less.

What do you think?


Fine by me. :thumbsup:


Teemill pissed me off so I just ordered myself a t-shirt and hoodie from Shirtinator (total cost ~£50).

While there is that handy tool to work out returns at different prices, Teemill make you upgrade to “Pro” after you’ve signed in and started creating your store to actually change the prices, plus they force you to create a load of unnecessary cruft for your store before you can launch it. It took me five minutes to get frustrated and leave.


For the price, the quality isn’t quite good enough. Compared to the many other hoodies I have this one has a larger hood, is thinner (and thus a bit see-through), the bottom is tight which makes the zip bunch up and stick out around the chest (worse when seated), the fabric generally feels a bit cheap.

Also got the t-shirt which is very square and looks like it’ll be quite a big “small” but I’ve yet to try that on.

If we order any more clothing I suggest we try somewhere else out first.

This will do me for now - including tonight’s ORG Birmingham meetup :slight_smile:


Ooh, ORG Birmingham? Can you do a brief pitch?


I shall look into purchasing the Hoodie , suggestion at some point would be a Baseball Cap with the logo on too.


Can you do a brief pitch?

There wasn’t the opportunity but they are hoping to do a hustings-style event next month. I asked if that was likely to be parliamentary candidates from Brum or a “digital” representative from each of the main parties.

If the latter, it would be easier for me to offer myself as our representative… I’ll keep in touch with them at least.


I shall look into purchasing the Hoodie

If you can find somewhere that allows the setting up of an online shop too, that’d be super awesome brilliant for fundraising. Otherwise, let us know where you get one done so we can evaluate the quality.


Hi not sure if you have come across “Cafepress” ?
Here’s a link if ok to post if not apologies in advance, they allow custom design’s. See what you think though maybe price wise I will research others too, I know Vistaprint do similar and other things such as custom designed mugs , pens and so on.


For some reason I was thinking CafePress wouldn’t work, but honestly that’s probably based on information from many years ago. It’s the obvious choice, certainly. We should re-investigate, because they certainly have the full range of things there…


@KevinK How do you feel about trying to set something up on Cafepress to compliment the Crowdpac?


Will check it out and report back


I’ve had a quick look at CafePress and it seems reasonable - they deduct 10% of royalties each month, up to a maximum of $10.

It looks like you get a customised shop-front for that too, so we could integrate it into the website. We choose mark up prices, and the base prices seem ok - about $35 for a hoodie, $16 for a t-shirt (although prices to the end user will be in GBP)

I’m happy to set this up if you want @KevinK? I know you are busy fundraising for the GE at the moment.



Hm, so we never pay more than $10/month? That seems very cheap, unless I’m misunderstanding.

Prices are good too, especially considering that’s about £27/£12 - a lot cheaper than Teemill.