Something New clothing - who wants some?


That was definitely my understanding!

I’m looking at option A on here:


Ah great! I couldn’t get onto their site the other day. Go for it @geeksareforlife !!


I will get it set up!

@Floppy @philipjohn is there a generic Something New address I can use to set it up? It seems that you can’t transfer a shop from one person to another, so I don’t want to lock it into my email address.



Yep, you can use [email protected] which will come to both me and James. If you need us to pass on any info from those e-mails let us know.

Alternatively, you can use [email protected] which I’ve just created for you. It will forward to the address you’ve used to register here.


The shop is coming on quite well. It still needs some styling, which I’ll do over the weekend, but it is functional:

I’ve added a few products to start with, but we can easily change them - there are literally hundreds to choose from.

Once we are happy, I can integrate it into the main site.



Hah, that looks great! How does payment work? Do you need any details to set that up?


They are old-school and send us cheques. They’ll be in USD which could get annoying (although good with the fx rates at the moment), but it was unbelievably easy to admin, so it may be worth it.



Oh wow that is fantastic​! Do they post the cheques to the UK? I’m wondering if we might come across difficulties there. No idea if that’s an issue - maybe they already have be plenty of UK customers?


Well, now I have a paying-in book for the bank account, so I can pay in cheques like some kind of caveman.

They’re certainly known in the UK, so there must be a way…


@geeksareforlife online shop is looking awesome Well done !


@geeksareforlife obviously there are loads of things we could add, but if they do a ringer tshirt with black borders on the neck and sleeves, I think that would be a good addition; I bought one last time and the borders really set it off - a bit like the baseball top :slight_smile:


Yes they do - added!

They had the borders in red and navy too, but I have removed those options.

There doesn’t seem to be an equivalent woman’s top


Shop is styled a bit nicer now, but I could do with a bit of help with two things:

  1. There is a blurb on the front page - this is the default. Any good wordsmiths around? (see
  2. Royalties - paypal or cheque seems to be the options, what do we want to go with?



Myself I think paypal , that way no cheque clearance needed !


How about this for blurb:

Support a new kind of politics by adorning yourself (and friends and family!) with our lovely Something New attire.

Let’s go with PayPal - we already accept donations there. The e-mail to use is [email protected]


Thank you, I have put that on!

I’ve also set it to PayPal, with @floppy as the contact. An email has gone to [email protected] to confirm, can have a look and forward it to me please @philipjohn ?



you must confirm these changes by clicking on the link below within 15 minutes, using the same browser you were on

Well that seems like a stupid rule to have!

Do you have access to the shared passwords file in BitTorrent Sync? If so, pop the login details in there and I can add the PayPal and verify the change.


I have the file, but no way to get into it. I will IM you the cafepress password