Speaking opportunities


We need to find more places to go and talk about what we’ve done. For instance, I did a talk at Horsham Skeptics and would be happy to take that on the road a bit more to other similar groups. Any suggestions, pop them in here and we can create linked topics to follow up the promising ones.


I’ve asked Horsham Skeptics if they can introduce me to other groups across the network, assuming they have some way of sharing speakers around…


I have just emailed the [email protected] about a potential speaking opportunity which may interest you.


I’ve had a look around, and most events that could interest us happened late last year and second editions are yet to be announced for them. I’ll still keep my eyes out though.


Sceptics in the Pub are all over the place so we can follow our local to try and get involved.

Republic and Democracy Club would be good too.


Good news - I’m speaking at Parliament’s “exploring digital” series next Tuesday at 11am. It’s an internal event only, but speaking on this stuff literally inside the corridors of power is pretty cool :slight_smile:



I’ve had another talk accepted at a major open source event, which is great. Can’t announce publicly yet (and of course this is a public forum) until they open registration, but it’ll be good :slight_smile:


So I can announce it now - I’ll be speaking at OSCON on the 18th October: http://conferences.oreilly.com/oscon/open-source-eu/public/schedule/detail/53023


Is anyone near Bradford? We could try to get a slot at https://politicsinthepub.wordpress.com/


I’ve submitted a session proposal to MozFest. Submission is here.