Strategy for next 12 months


So I want to start formulating and setting down the strategy for the next 12 months. My initial thoughts are:

  • Prepare for a second general election in October. Act as if it IS going to happen.
    • Start recruiting candidates now.
    • Raise funds, £1500 per candidate min.
  • Prepare for council elections in May 2018.
    • Start recruiting candidates now.
    • Raise funds, £150 per candidate min.
  • Focus on converting supporters to official membership of party, ideally with regular donations.
  • Explore funding options from foundations just as the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust.
  • Register joint descriptions with other parties to stand joint candidates.

I’ll get this up on the field guide, but comments appreciated here. I don’t know if setting numerical targets is realistic or necessary…


Yes! We need a plan!

I like those, they make a lot of sense. Is £150 enough for a local council campaign?

A little while ago I started thinking about a forward plan, but envisaging a 2022 election, and those in between. I started something including these objectives:

  1. Stand 5 candidates in the 2018 local elections
  2. Stand 15 candidates in the 2019 local elections
  3. Stand 20 candidates in the 2021 local elections
  4. Stand 5 candidates in the 2022 general election
  5. Boost membership to 50,000 by 2022

They might be complete bull as targets, but I think having measurable objectives is important so that we can actually measure whether we’re making the progress we need to.


Hi there I would love to get involved in things


Welcome @dan79, that’s great! Come and say hi in the Introduce Yourself thread, tell us a bit about yourself, and how you’d like to get involved, and we’ll get you going :slight_smile: