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I thought I’d move our discussion here @philipjohn as it is starting to get difficult to follow on Trello! Happy to move it back if you think this is the wrong place though.

My summary of our discussion so far (please correct me if I am wrong):

@philipjohn suggested moving decision making from GitHub to and I had a concern that we would be making people have more accounts to get involved.

@philipjohn then said that he doesn’t want to make people have a GitHub account. Preferable to have something to allow people to log into Votebot with facebook or similar and then handle everything else from there.

We also talked about the internal field guide, and the platform to host that on.


This was just a catch up, I’ll post some thoughts in a separate post.


Delegative democracy in the manifesto

I pretty much agree with the sentiments @philipjohn expressed - people having only one login, to the Something New website is surely preferable to anything else.

My only worry is the tech I think - if we still keep the manifesto on GitHub, then there would need to be an interface to that, as well as an interface to, and a way to match those accounts to the one that they have logged in with. Not impossible by any means, but definitely complex.

If people have used the same email for each service, then all will be good. But some people (like me) use a different email address for facebook :expressionless:

So I’m thinking that we would want to do something like this:

  • Votebot accepts multiple oAuth services for login
  • Votebot handles the actual changes and PRs in GitHub - these now all look to be authored by VoteBot
  • Users have a “profile” on Votebot, and can add links to their related accounts, such as
  • Votebot starts a question on, but also presents a “local” page that displays the conversation and voting buttons for that question, as well as details of the change
  • Votebot stores details of “contributors”

I can see some problems with this approach though:

  • api is pretty good, but the data is “secure” - I’m not sure that we can match people to votes, unless they are “friends”. I don’t yet know how that works
  • some people have issues “linking” accounts - they feel that it aggregates their data too much. You then have to trust all the links in the chain
  • It puts a lot of responsibility onto Votebot - if this goes down then edits will be lost, votes not counted, etc

I’m not sure I have an answer to all that, just wanted to get it all out of my head.


Good call @geeksareforlife and thanks for the great summary!

I’d echo all that - this is a hard problem to solve. Every extra user account needed presents another barrier to entry for wannabe contributors.

I want to continue to evaluate what the various tools give us that we this together with as little kids friction as possible. Ultimately, we may not be able to do it without a custom build.


I was thinking about this problem on holiday actually; need to read into it a little, but I know git can accept different user details for committer and author - that would allow us to track user contributions while allowing commit without a github user, possibly. covers a little of it but I’m not sure of the github implications.

I’ve got more ideas too which might add another reason to develop our own stack further, but I’ll do that separately.