The Count


If anyone wants to come to the count with me, then I can appoint count agents to come along and help. It’s not the most exciting night, but it is quite interesting. If anyone’s up for it, you’d have to come to Horsham for the night of the 8th - I can lend you a spare bed after to get some sleep come 6am :wink:

@KevinK easier for you of course, if you’re interested?


I would definitely do this if the kids weren’t with me (I am still planning to stay up all night though!)

Having been to a count before it is definitely NOT the most interesting thing. Take snacks. But it is an experience.


@Floppy I’ll have to confirm nearer the time I’m afraid. I am travelling abroad on the 10th and not sure when I have to leave yet (I’m not organising flights, but may need to leave Horsham on the 9th as there were rumours we may be flying from Bristol!! ) Apologies for the ambiguity!


No problem - I can register you if you’re interested, and if you don’t come, that’s absolutely fine :slight_smile: