The Vision

With @Floppy’s post in my head and the juices flowing mid-cycle around my local MTB trails, the idea of the “Something New Vision” popped into my head.

On the homepage we have this strapline:


Then it has a bunch of boxes, outlining some of our overall feelings. It describes what we want to do, which is great.

What about the end goal that we want? The grand vision?

I ended up having this brain dump, which isn’t easily digested but could probably be slimmed down:

Something New want to change the world. Anything less would be futile. Humanity faces global challenges that we must face and resolve together. That’s our starting point, and one that leads us to the vision we have of a world that is equal, just, united and sustainable.

Every human is born equal. Discrimination and borders divide us along arbitrary and irrational lines. The world we aspire to recognises these and ensures that every person is treated equally, that we set aside historical divisions and barriers and work together in every endeavour.

Only by living by the same rules can we all be treated equally. This means living in a just world - one where there are clear expectations of our individual and collective rights as people. It also means a justice system that upholds those rights consistently and for all humanity, so that we may all rely on and trust it.

For equality and justice to prevail, we have to be united. Unity is the antidote to division and is both required for and an outcome of a just and equal world. When we are united we rely on each other, and become interdependent. The risk of breaking that unity becomes too great, binding us ever closer.

There are huge global challenges and our current political system is failing to make progress. A united world, recognising the scale of these issues will be more able to meet these challenges, freed from the phsyical and psychological barriers that split humanity.

We don’t see this vision as naive, or unattainable, as our critics might contend. We see it as the natural progression of humanity. We merely want to accelerate that progression for the betterment of all humankind.

Also influencing my thoughts here is DiEM25 and the “why” of the EU.

Errm… I don’t know what next :slight_smile: Just wanted to put this out there…

I like it. Nothing wrong with a strong vision of the future. There are similar thoughts swirling around my head about “networks, not nations” as the way of the future. The network changes the way we think as a species; it’s the start of a planetary nervous system, and that’s why Open is the way of the future. Our brains don’t work by neurons keeping their signals to themselves.


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I wanted to revive this conversation as I think adding a vision to the site is important. We should paint a picture of the future we want to see. I was wondering about a fictional style as used in this rock and roll local democracy article. Would that work?

I think a vision is about showing the future and why it’s awesome. The “challenge” is perhaps more about where we are. Maybe we should have that too, alongside. Hmmm.

I love that idea! It can also help show us where the manifesto might need improvement.