The votebot is working again!

We had very little activity on the manifesto for a good while, and the vote counting robot had stopped working. However, we’ve had 4 submissions in the last 2 days, so last night I fixed it.

If you are a manifesto contributor, there are things to vote for, so go and take a look!

Just as a point, because you merged the Chagos duplication bit manually, I don’t think it will register on the votebot, so it might need manual removal from there.

It may be a better idea to count votes differently as the system used here doesn’t seem effective?
Perhaps via email? Or in a private facebook group for the party perhaps where we use the fb polling system until we find a better more effectively alternative?

I just checked and I can’t seem to use it.

The system is either a trifle too confusing for people who don’t understand the tech side of it, or it isn’t working. That’s my view point though, also the navigation is a tad irritating as well.

It’s definitely not ideal, you’re right on that @Edward_Caplen. We do have an effort underway to figure out a better way. There’s no simple solution.

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@andrewdwilliams closing it raised another bug I hadn’t spotted before, so I’m fixing that now :slight_smile:

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@Edward_Caplen the actual discussion, viewing and voting happens here: The votebot interface is just the vote counting. But yes, needs large improvements. Hopefully with the new interest we have now, we’ll be able to get more of that done :slight_smile:

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