I don’t know what we do. I don’t know how we fight for a future that the world seems determined to destroy. All I know this morning is that we have to keep doing something.

It’s not over. We can’t let it be over.


I think it shows deep flaws in what we’ve stuck with and call democracy. Involved democracy and deliberation I belive are the way forward. Debates are a waste of time since they become media feeding frenzies. I’m moving forward with sortition via The Sortition Foundation and something called a G1000. The former to change the running of society and the latter to increase community deliberation (using sortition). I’ll post more once we’ve got some more blurb up but I’ve given up with the current electoral system as it will always get itself into this hole in the end.

The overall aim is goverance by randomly selected groups who create evidenced based policy.

I can totally understand someone voting for Trump or Brexit when they see no way out except for an identical politician who hasn’t helped over their life time. Representative democracy has failed us badly time and time again. We really need to move on.

Sorry. Bit rambly (-:


I’d never heard of the term “sortition” before but it sounds very much like the Citizen Assemblies idea we quite like. We even have a policy to replace the House of Lords with one.


Waking up this morning (at 5am no less - I must have a political sixth sense) felt very much like Brexit, and there are substantial parallels in my view.

WIth Brexit, a lot of people perceive the EU as something they have no control over but fundamentally affects their lives. While this is of course nonsense :wink: people do have a real sense that they have been dealt a poor hand for years and they want to rectify that.

Brexit gave them that opportunity to defeat what they perceived as an establishment working against their interests (despite the inherent irony in that).

Along the same lines, Trump was a non-politician standing on an anti-establishment message to clean things up. This resonated for exactly the same reasons. Coupled with the fact that the other option, in Clinton, was a long-serving, wealthy, very much establishment politician it’s easy to see why people voted for Trump.

It is still hard for me to comprehend why anyone would ignore the obvious lies of the Leave campaign or the misogyny, racism, sexism etc of Trump, but that’s for another day.

If we want to change things we have to give people something to vote for that isn’t the same old politics. We have to give them something new.

Yes, that was deliberate :wink:

For the record, this is why I’m a Corbyn supporter. He has and is changing Labour policy to present an actual alternative to the Conservative message. I fear that he’ll still be hampered by the still strong “Blue” Labour wing of the party though. It’s also the same reason I was behind Bernie Sanders - he again represented an alternative to the same old establishment, big money politics.

So the question for us now is - what is the best, most efficient and impactful, way we can give people a new kind of politics to vote for?

We have about 3 years to deliver it.


I’d recommend reading Against Elections for a really good viewpoint on sortition and the history of democracy and elections. Definitely sortition needs to be part of the future…