Unlock democracy are worth a look at


unlock democracy are worth a look at


Yep, we’re interested in Unlock Democracy! We recently spent a bit of time with some of their folks at an event in Huddersfield.


Hi I’m new to this, only just signed today. But I was involved with take back democracy as well as _none of the above.
I’m a physicist, used to work in research, now lecturing in mathematics and physics. As most of you are, I’m deeply concerned, and disillusioned with our de mockery - and recent events. I’m involved with the union ucu,and other like minded people. How can I best help?


Hi @strangetides ! Welcome! Thanks for joining in - your reasons for being here are the same as most of us :slight_smile:

If you live in or near Lichfield, Staffordshire or Horsham, Sussex we have county council candidates standing and any help is appreciated to try and get them elected.

Otherwise, you could help my contributing to the manifesto. There are some ready-made ideas to explore too.

The best thing you can help with at the moment is recruiting more members and helping to spread the word about who we are and what we do. We do some social media, but we’re open to ideas about how we can better promote ourselves.