Using Discord as an informal conversation platform


Hello @everyone.

A thought occurred to me recently. That is, using Discord as an informal conversation platform for Something New members and supporters, to complement the use of Discourse (two confusingly similar names, sadly). The thought occurred to me after spotting that the Pirate Party UK do in fact do this very thing.

For the uninitiated, Discord is a text and voice communications platform originally designed for gamers but is now used for all sorts, such as political discussion, chat communities, supporting YouTubers, etc. It is available as an app on your phone, in your browser or as a separate application for your PC.

It would permit a much more casual atmosphere than, I think, the atmosphere on Discourse. Integrating the two would not be very difficult, I think. It depends whether people would have any interest in this. It would be a bit of a throwback for some, perhaps, as it’s not wildly different from Slack, which we used to use. If people are interested, I know my way around it so I can easily set up a server for us and anyone brave enough can check it out.


Funnily enough I tried to use Discord when I joined PPUK for a while. There was a weekly meeting I wanted to join and for 3 weeks in a row I logged on and find absolutely no-one there. Thing is, I didn’t know if I was just doing it wrong - the software looked, to me, outdated, clucky and unintuitive.

This was a good few years ago and I could have just been being stupid, so if we think it’s worthwhile investigating I would gladly take lessons from you :slight_smile:


I’ve only been using Discord this year and to me it is relatively useful and a good way to “instantly message”. I’ve made a server anyway, so if anyone wants to pop in, the invite is here:


Thanks @andrewdwilliams. The main reason for going for discourse instead of a chat app was because of the public nature of this place, and the difficulty of being transparent in something like Discourse. But that’s not a showstopper. If it’s useful, it’s useful.