UX Improvements 2

Continuing the discussion from UX improvements:

Sorry i’ve been away for a while. Did this yesterday night so ignore any grammatical errors!

Homepage - every single clickable button visible to the user focuses on joining or taking part (through taking money). The hamburger menu in the corner serves little to no purpose other than access to the blog - not regularly updated anyway. Have to scroll down to view all the links for the page - not very accessible. It is mainly style over substance with this website; its main aims appear just to be cash-and-grab rather than inform-and-sell.

You can sign up for newsletters but there is little information about what they’re actually doing unless you sign up.

They do not promote their manifesto but there is a rich source of information about their history and how they work.

Good design
Adaptable to different devices
Very clear contact details for all cabinet members (once the page has been discovered)

Little to no information
Difficult to navigate
Confusing UI
Not at all engaging
The Membersnet area is confusing and messy

Overall score - 2/10

Homepage - very clear and consistent with links to all main areas of the website. There is a focus on how the party affects the individual locally. The manifesto is linked in the main navigation bar but is in an interactive book format meaning it could be difficult for some users. Access to most local features a login is required. There is a clear way of accessing “who’s who” in the in the party but it lacks contact information. There is a sense of inform-and-sell but the website design on a whole is quite dated and simple - or in other words very Conservative.

Clear consistent design
Lots of information
Adaptable to different devices
Focus on the individual areas
Manifesto is easy to access - not as easy to navigate due to the format

Not clear contact information
Manifesto is not easy to navigate
Some areas locked down
In some cases looks cluttered

Overall score - 7/10

Liberal Democrats
Homepage is quite clunky looking. It has very clear buttons at the top but the use of a fading yellow gradient behind them makes it look more like an image. There is a very clear focus on “getting involved” and help make policies; however it is a difficult process filled with rules which could be off putting to new members. The directory of MPs is probably the best implementation despite being quite old fashioned. It contains lots of information about what the candidate has done and is doing as well as the usual contact information. While there is lots of information in places like the MPs directory - a lot of the website is filled with “fluff” saying what they want to do in soundbites with no real show of any manifesto or commitments.

The homepage is the best out of the lot. It has a level of interactivity the others lack - despite the colours being uninspiring. The only issue with the homepage is the “updates” and “upcoming events” and “we’re SNP because” sections that break up the policy content which is beautifully presented. The buttons are too big and in some views this does seem slightly awkward - but if Something New is looking for a solid engaging homepage then follow the SNP’s lead! By removing the unnecessary features outlined above it could be a brilliant homepage. The Policy Base is also very well thought out in its clarity until you try to read the policies themselves which are presented as questions, sometimes not being as clear as I think the SNP hoped. If the policy base is used as inspiration there are ways to make it clearer and more engaging - maybe adding the ability to comment on the policies directly and up/down vote them?

The SNP also do internal groups much better than the other 3 which rely on external websites which often lack the professionalism of the main site. The presentation of SNP is clear and simple - making these groups feel a real part of the party.

The joining features are subtle but are put throughout the website. The two tiered joining mechanism is very consumer friendly - selling the membership almost as a product.

Clear manifesto and aims
Good signing up mechanism
Very user friendly

Bulky in some areas due to large images or text
The homepage was broken by the unnecessary
The candidates pages could have more information
The colours are extremely ugly

Just some things to take away. The SNP’s website is by far the best… Moving SomethingNew onto a more professional sight with clearer aims and colours will establish the party better in the publics eye when they go to research.

Hope this helps.

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This is really, really helpful thank you @liamc!

I think the next step from here should be to produce some wire frames / story boards to apply these findings to the SN site.