UX improvements

A while ago, @EhmAyWithE took a look over the website and sent me a long email with a load of suggestions in. As I’m an expert at not getting round to reading or dealing with things like that, it’s sat in my inbox ever since. The other day I asked him if I could repost it here, and he agreed, so we can throw it all open for discussion. Here goes:

You’ll have to bear with this email coz its going to be a bit brain dumpy! I have been doing a bit of thinking and playing around in Photoshop. If I had more time this would be a lot more interactive but I’ve created some pages you can click sequentially through. The branding is just something I stuck in for myself - for want of having some colour for highlights - I am not suggesting changes on that front (at the moment!). Also it sorta gives me an idea of tone of voice.

Concept wise I am looking at how to promote engagement on the site - with the content on the site being a driver to discussion around issues which can then be steered towards the open manifesto.



Password is floppy

Page 1 - 4

Home page/landing page.

Hero - Best and easiest way to explain what the party is all about is with a video. SN should have one.

Lower - 4 big bold tabs with the overview of the party.

End of video message should be something saying how easy SN make it to get involved in politics. The sign up could be a two stage transition, ‘What is your name? What is your email?’ form (like this - http://tympanus.net/Development/FullscreenForm/) and social sign on.

Page 5/6

Home page once signed in

And this might scare you…

Once people have signed up their homepage looks very much like a news site. For this mock up I have ripped off Vox because they have some really good ideas. Main stories and below there is a ‘campaign’ - a series of stories that are grouped.

Each story needs the following:

A location - is it something that is local/regional/national
Which part of the manifesto does it relate to if any
Is it a quick read or is it extended reading - so is it a newspaper story or is it something like a white paper
Posted by (search by author - some authors may become expert around certain issues)
Include in campaign (if SN campaigns around an issue this allows grouping of stories around that issue)
Flag for removal
Relevant/not relevant scoring (each user gets one vote)

As you will see - I’m not proposing writing an article - or reposting someone else’s article - what I am thinking is that the author writes a brief introduction to the story says what it relates to and then provides a link so people can go read it. In essence the authors on the site are curating what they might read elsewhere and providing the community with links. Why this could be appealing to some people? Aggregated information from a community they are involved in. We emphasise the link between the story and a policy and promote the open manifesto… also link to a really clean simple legislation app as suggested in the forum.

Definitely would like to have an area for shareable infographics, maps and video media too.

One thing I think is important is imagery - so there is a cost there - I have no idea what it is but I think there should be a sense of humour or seriousness reflected in what is posted… and using crap imagery isn’t the way to do that!

So yeah… hopefully you made it through that.

None of this is really getting into detail about the actual ux of people clicking on the site, contributing to the manifesto or discourse and stuff - but have a look at https://www.tytnetwork.com/ if you haven’t already - their doing an internet news channel, which isn’t a political party of course, but they have almost 3 million subscribers, 200M views a month and they have offshoots like http://www.wolf-pac.com/ which has good community elements to it as well.

I love the layout of the front page with the video…

It’s an improvement but no personality in the website once logged in - it seems too news focused. Look at the SNP website compared to Labour/Conservative - its so much clearer on politics which is more engaging. I know its only a mock but the green colour would be a bad thing to focus on as politically it seems to many people too left; which this party isn’t. I would also suggest that the logo stays consistent to the one today as the one used on the mock is weak.

People will not come to this site for news. Having a way for users to comment directly on the manifesto would be a lot simpler and more engaging. Maybe have a “policy of the week” where users who have signed up are shown the basic details and you can then get a community wide drive to develop a single policy. This could also potentially help with the focus thing we talked about before; it gives you a better idea of what policies work and get people engaged and what don’t.

The manifesto should take centre stage over the news. Sometimes it doesn’t need to be related to the news to make sense. Again the way SNP presents their manifesto is clearer than most parties - if not a bit confusing through the use of questions.

Was thinking maybe create a page “how do we compare” tab - directly talk about how you are better than the traditional parties. Side by side comparisons while also remaining friendly! This is something a lot of centre parties do not do; and a lot of left/right parties do badly.

Have you completed any personal research into political party websites?

We haven’t done any research as such no. How do you feel about giving that a go?

Perhaps we should look at;

  • What party websites focus on
  • How they present and promote their manifesto
  • What engagement points there are (e.g. joining, newsletters, social media, campaigns, etc
  • Ease of engaging

will get on that - any way of sending it to you privately or should I just post it on here?

Post here, we do everything in public. Probably best to make a new linked topic for them (hit “reply as linked topic”). Thanks!