Vacant positions


I believe we could do with a few positions filling for the upcoming campaign:

  1. Fundraising coordinator - raise money, run crowdfunding, etc.
  2. Volunteer coordinator - get all the people who want to help usefully engaged.
  3. Candidate coordinator - get more candidates and help them through their campaigns.
  4. Communications coordinator - lead the party’s communications, both centrally and by helping candidates.

If anyone wants to take one of those positions, we’d really appreciate it. It will mean I can focus on overall strategy and relationships with other organisations, and the campaign itself of course. Please only commit if you have time to do this; @andrewdwilliams you’re not allowed, you’ve got exams :wink:


With 7 weeks until the election, I would be inclined to keep Comms (at least external) & Fundraising coordinator as one position - as I see much of the marketing fuelling any fundraising campaign with the limited budget there is (or hopefully won’t be!), and would be inclined to say that too much communicating would (ironically) slow them down if separate!!

Thus, I’d suggest a Marketing & Fundraising coordinator (focussed on external comms) and separate Official Comms. coordinator (focussed on assisting the candidates’ individual situations) - thoughts?

Either way, I’d be more than happy to step in for Fundraising coordinator (whether or not that includes overall marketing).


I’ll happily take comms.

If @PaulJRobinson is willing and able he might make sense for candidate coordinator, but that’s certainly not a necessity.


Yeah, he’s moving house in early June, so it’s unlikely. He’ll be OK to do the forms I should think, but someone else will need to handle the day to day.


I went back to lurking for quite a while, but I’d like to help where I can - what is involved in the day-to-day?



Day-to-day, for organising volunteers will be things like helping them with;

  • Getting their nomination forms sorted
  • Designing and printing fliers (with help from the “national” team)
  • Recruiting local volunteers
  • Organising local press contacts
  • Making sure they’re invited to local hustings
  • Ensuring they have a general marketing plan (derived from the national one, with local tweaks)
  • Funding (hopefully funnelled through the national appeal)
  • Answering questions on the rules (which we can also help answer)


That sounds very much like a position where I would need to be local - I’m nowhere near our constituencies, unfortunately.

I will happily do things that can be done remotely, but I doubt I am going to be able to get away with such short notice!


I wouldn’t say so - candidates will be doing the legwork themselves, with you helping them to keep on top of it all, and find stuff (e.g. Googling local media etc)


Well, in that case, I would love to help!



If I thought the May election was poorly timed for my exams, the June one is even more so! I will, however, be able to vote in that one - and I would probably have stood as a Something New candidate if there wasn’t that whole exam thing going on. I’ll be wishing you all on from the sidelines, and I’ll hopefully be able to do some social media sharing and stuff along the way. Best of luck everyone.


Great @geeksareforlife - I think what Phil has described there is the candidate coordinator, so if you’re up for that, that would be great. The other thing is to coordinate online volunteers - i.e. people who come here or sign up to the mailing list wanting to help, which we’ve traditionally been pretty bad at actually turning into action.

@KevinK so, to confirm, you’re happy to take on that combined fundraising and comms role?


Fundraising confirmed @Floppy

I think @philipjohn offered for comms also? If we can confirm and define roles, that would be great!

(happy for either, but do think that the fundraising campaign is going to dictate how general marketing unfolds)


Yep, I’m happy to do that - it might be good to have some sort of live meeting soonish to work out what we all need to do?


Let’s split the two roles between us, and we’ll make sure we work together properly :slight_smile:

Do you have a Trello account @KevinK? We tend to use Trello for organising tasks and tracking progress.


Yep, good plan @geeksareforlife - I’ll schedule a meeting of the “GE2017 committee”, get things clear.


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