Volunteer tasks


@Toby-vc asked me a great question in a PM, talking about volunteers. What do we actually want volunteers to do? I know I want to give people a way to get involved quickly, easily, and successfully, and then get them doing useful things. But I don’t have a clear idea of what those actions are.

We have a bunch of volunteer actions on the “get involved” page, but I don’t think it’s effective at all. We also experimented with a Trello board, and other things, but nothing has worked so far.

In this thread, let’s collect ideas for (a) what we could ask volunteers to do, and (b) how best to communicate those things to give people an easy onramp. We have over 100 people on the mailing list who’ve ticked the “yes I’d like to volunteer” option, we just need to engage them. Thoughts?


So Hmm ok here goes !

Volunteer Canvasser’s (Those who could go door knocking to promote SomethingNew especially when the party has candidates standing in local elections and or General Elections or at least putting leaflets in people’s letterboxes).

Volunteer Researchers (Those keen on looking into area’s where the party has no candidate, to research what local issues are in area’s ) This can be good feedback to enable discussions as to how issue’s could be overcome / improved ! Again maybe this could help with elections)


Candidate Personal Assistant. Sounds weird but there’s lots of things for a candidate to do. Someone local who can help the candidate manage that, do social media things (like live-tweeting a hustings, taking photos etc), pass on local news articles of note etc could be very useful.


This is a good idea - ideally each candidate would have a campaign manager to do the meta tasks.


I thought we should do a section on the website with full role descriptions (I have some experience writing these) so I created a Trello card to track this, along with some more suggestions:


Never heard of Trello before. Just had a look and very impressed!