West Midlands meetup 10/2/2017


@philipjohn we should set this up properly on the meetup group, then I’ll send out an email to the list and invite everyone along. Do you want to do that as you know the area, and can choose a sensible pub venue? Or shall I set it up and let you set venue later?


I was thinking about this last night actually. I was wondering if it would be better to stagger them and whatever we learn from the first one (if there are things we can learn) then we can apply those to the next one. What do you think?


Sorry, stagger what - meetups and notwestminster, or meetups in different places?


Gah sorry, that was terrible wording!

Are you still planning to do the 16th? I was thinking if so that we should do the West Midlands one about a month later. (Or vice versa.)

My thinking is that if there’s anything we decide to do differently we can do that for the next one. I.e. instead of doing them on the same day, we can stagger and iterate.

I’m easy either way. I still need to get into Brum to check on venues.


Ah, right, yes. No, I was thinking to delay the London one for now and take the opportunity to do the first one outside London. On staggering them, I definitely agree. I reckon a monthly schedule rotating between locations would make sense, so each location starts out bi-monthly and then ramps up if there is demand.


Okay cool, that sounds good. I’ll get some dates together tonight for February.


I was thinking to do it on the 10th, when I’m up there, before we go to Huddersfield.


Hana I’m so slow. Perfect, I’ll get it sorted!


The place I was hoping we could go - The Wellington (where Republic and My Society have meetups) - is booked up that night. I’m waiting to hear back from The Old Joint Stock. Both are very central so a short walk from the train station.


The Old Joint Stock have 3 tables they offer that are all still in the main bar area. They look like they’ll seat 18 people, and they charge £50.

There are a couple of coffee shops I’ll try instead, and see what they charge. I don’t think it’s worth spending lots. We will probably be better off just picking somewhere to go and finding a table.


@philipjohn do you want me to set this up on meetup? We should start advertising it, only a week and a half away! I can leave the venue blank if you’re not sure yet, and we can set it later.


This is now booked in and announced. I’ll send out to the mailing list. @philipjohn, can I leave it to you to just set the venue?


I’m so sorry, I was away with work and just didn’t get around to checking personal things.

I’ve just updated the event to Birmingham (Lichfield is too quiet and will be to far for many folks) and I’ll send an email out tonight about it and also some messages to local groups whose membership might be interested.


I’ve popped the event on Facebook too and I’m considering putting a few quid on “boosting” it to reach locals interested in politics.



Yep, let’s do that. There is money in Paypal, if you can use that directly, otherwise the party can reimburse it to you.


Done today, showing to people in Birmingham or within 30 miles ago have shown an interest in politics for £8.