What do the public think about how we do things?

Here’s a short feedback discussion after my talk last night, on what people would like to hear more of. I often mention that “people were more interested in how we do what we do, than the actual policies”, but I don’t back that up - and I can’t, other than anecdotes. It’s perhaps something we should look at in a more organised fashion.

it was a good talk, @floppy :slight_smile: i’m not necessarily a good person for feedback, since i’ve seen similar talks from you before, but the thing i wanted to hear more about is the point you made about lots of the people you talked to being enthused by how you were forming policy, more than necessarily what was in the manifesto - how broadly across the population does this actually matter to people, or how could you persuade them care?

(i partly ask because there’s already a huge spectrum of openness of policy formation from the green party to the conservatives, and, cynically, i’m not sure how much most people care)

@m who do you mean by “people” in the “how much people care”?
general public? members of those parties? …?

i meant the electorate as a whole

yeah, then I suspect that the vast majority don’t care at all

so, yeah, I’d like to hear more from @floppy too on what sort of people did seem to care

if that was already people in the very small sliver of being hyper-engaged politically anyway, or how much broader it was

I think “don’t care” might be strong. I suspect it’s more like “Assumes it’s done properly and that they don’t need to worry about it"

I think a lot of people would probably instinctively say “oooh, that sounds like quite a nice idea! Why don’t more parties do things like that?”

yep, what @s just said!

A lot of people think that party canvasing is about shaping opinions (in either direction), so they might feel that parties listen to them already

thanks, that’s great feedback - I don’t have anything solid on it that would answer your question well enough to satisfy, I don’t think, but it’s something we should do!

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